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James Stewart's CALCULUS, 6e
Personalize Your Students’ Calculus Experience

Through Cengage Learning Custom Solutions, you can create the ideal text to suit your course needs. Here are some ideas to consider:

Are Your Students Prepared for the Rigors of Calculus?
We can help ensure that they are by providing review content written by James Stewart bound right into any Stewart Calculus text. This additional content provides an invaluable review of foundational mathematic concepts to help set your students up for success in the exciting world of calculus. You can include review material written by Stewart and designed specifically to work with the new in-text Diagnostic Tests for students that need to improve these required skills.

What Do You Cover In Each Semester?
Select only the chapters you want for each semester. Stewart Calculus is available in Single Variable and Multivariable volumes. But why make your students purchase the complete two-semester Single Variable text up front? Perfectly match your text to your course syllabus by creating special volumes that include only the chapters that you cover each semester.You can even choose the binding option that makes the most sense for your students. Options include hardback, paperback, spiral or loose-leaf.

Would You Like To Cover Material Not Contained In the Text?
You may choose supplemental content from our online Mathematics collection (visit to view available materials) or add your own materials, such as your syllabus, class assignments, or additional exercises to the text. You can add up to 32 pages of additional material at no added cost.

Do You Allow Your Students to Use a Formula Card?
This quick reference laminated formula card, which covers both Differentiation Rules and Integration Formulas, is an ideal resource for students and can be bundled with any Stewart text at no added cost.

Contact your Cengage Learning representative for more information on how to personalize your Stewart Calculus experience.


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